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Get raster source units from Mosaic Dataset?

Question asked by JerryGarcia on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by JerryGarcia

I'm trying to create a python script to perform QA on our mosaic datasets.  It's very easy to make a mistake configuring them.  For instance:


  • We need to standardize on Meters for all of our geoprocessing, but our raster data could be in feet or meters.
  • We have one mosaic dataset that includes many mosaic datasets.
  • Each "child" mosaic dataset can contain rasters in "feet" or "meters".
  • Each mosaic that contains rasters in "feet" has a function chain to convert "feet" to "meters".  So everything is in "meters" at the parent mosaic level.


Using Python, I'd like to iterate through each raster and check source units to ensure the mosaic dataset is configured correctly, i.e. all feet are being converted to Meters; (and, no meters are getting an extra conversion).


Can someone make some suggestions to get me started?  i.e. using arcpy, how do I get the source units of a raster in a mosaic dataset?