Data Reviewer does not seem to be recognizing my regular expression?

Discussion created by james.gough_SussexCounty on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by jborgion

I am trying to use Data Reviewer extension to validate parcel ID's in our parcel data. I created a Regular Expression Check on the parcels table but when I run it, it seems to return all parcel records. My understanding is that the regular expression check should only return records that do not match the regex. However, when I check the regular expression via https://regex101.com it works as expected. This makes me think that Data Reviewer is not recognizing my regular expression. The regular expression that I am trying to use is:




This should match our parcel ID format (which can be something like 131-10.00-600.00) and should return invalid parcel ID's but as I said before, it seems to return all records in the table. 


I am using Arcmap version 10.5.1


Any ideas on why this would not be working? 


Edit: So after reading this page it looks like the data reviewer implementation of regular expressions does not support the use of the {} tokens. So now my question is: Does anyone know how to write a similar regex that would be recognized by data reviewer? I can get close but it ends up being far too inclusive. Also, are there any plans to improve the data reviewer regex implementation?


Edit 2: Well after playing around with the accepted tokens some more I was able to come up with an acceptable replacement by using the | token: