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How to control maximum AOI in Extract Data task?

Question asked by cuzzup on Dec 5, 2017

I am working on a publishing a Web App to allow users to extract vector and raster data.  The Extract Data task published as a Geoprocessing Service and attached to the Geoprocessing Widget does the trick just fine, however there does not seem to be an obvious method to place restrictions on the size/extent of the Area of Interest that a User can define for extraction. 


The only method I have seen to limit the data to be extracted is the Maximum Number of Records set on the map service itself, however I am not clear on how this impacts a raster dataset.  In any case, the


My question is, does anyone have any suggestions on a way to define a maximum areal extent on the Area of Interest when using the Extract Data task published as a Geoprocessing Service?  The idea is to allow a User to define a AOI shape to be used for all vector/raster data available.  The AOI shape either meets the criteria and the process may continue or the AOI shape does not meet the criteria and a message is returned to the User to make their AOI shape smaller.


Any feedback is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.