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Crimea doesn't show on map properly

Question asked by g0rdan on Dec 5, 2017
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I have a trouble with showing Crimea on arcgis map.

My company creates tpk files and uses their in very different products. I'm developing and maintaining iOS and Android apps for them, which have been created through Xamarin platforms (native, not forms).

So, when my apps are downloading "Russia tpk file" they aren't showing Crimea as they should. 

For example, this is screenshot from "ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop)" app which are using in the company:

And this from my Xamarin.iOS application:

We can see that Crimea realm has different background. Seems like that part has been "cut" from tpk dynamically at all. For iOS I use latest nuget package (v 100.1.0).

My question is "Is it bug or feature?" and if it's a feature what can we do to avoid that? And, of course, do we have an opportunity for avoiding this?


PS: on first and second pictures shows absolutely same tpk file