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time slider - show most recent data in web map app by default

Question asked by on Dec 4, 2017

Hi, We have a web map app (built in Web AppBuilder) that shows crime data (type of crime, modified location, and time occurred).  We pull year-to-date crime data from another system, import it into ArcGIS Pro, then publish (Overwrite) the feature layer for use in the web map and app usually at weekly intervals.  When the web map app opens we would like to only show the latest week's worth of data initially.  Thereafter, one can use the time slider to go back in time and show more crime.  So instead of showing all the crime year-to-date when the app opens, we want to curtail the initial output to the latest week or two, but still be able to use the slider to access results farther back in the year.  I could use some advice on how to do this.  Thanks in advance.