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FeatureRenderer can't update when changing visualVaribles

Question asked by ga47big on Dec 4, 2017

In ArcGIS Javascript 4.5.

I have been trying to visualize the yearly data that are stored in fields, as below:

Then I found it is very hard for the server to load data from another field each time. Since I am making animated map, the rendering time is just too long. Afterwards I saved all the fields into one, then using Arcade to read the needed fields.

For different year, value Expression in visualVariables will be updated.Using Arcade.

This is where renderer of a feature layer will be changed:

But this does not make any changes to the visualization. The renderer works for the first time, but stays the same afterwards.


So here are my question:

1. how is this possible? Renderer is changed( seen from cosole.log) but the output is not changed? which properties of a renderer can be changed? What should I do to make it render again?

2.Is there any other way to read data faster in order to make a smooth animation?


Thanks a lot!