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replace multipatch rotation

Question asked by SGOODCHILDBROWN on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by SGOODCHILDBROWN

I am replacing a multipatch using a .dae I cleaned in sketchup. I only removed some internal walls, the extents are identical, yet when it imports, it adds a tiny rotation to my building. How can I control / stop / fix that accurately. My building models are derived photogrammetrically and I cannot be introducing error when I clean the ones that won't close properly. Using Pro 2.0.1, sketchup 2017 pro.

Any ideas or help out there? Yes I did have to remove the georeferencing to do the sketchup cleaning nut that's why I used the replace multipatch and didn't modify the extents.... I did notice before that replace multipatch uses centreing the new model in the old ones extents. Why is it adding rotation? Any help out there?