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How to copy/paste geometry from CAD

Question asked by vicente.x.solis on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by SGOODCHILDBROWN

I'm an avid user of ArcMap 10.5 and trying to migrate on over to Pro little by little.  I work for an engineering firm so we mainly use CAD software, but have been using more GIS.  One gripe I have so far is copying geometry from CAD on over to a feature class.  I've researched this and read another post here about a similar issue, but it was from feature class to feature class, not CAD geometry.


In 10.5, I setup my geodatabase and add the layers to my exhibit.  Then I add the CAD file to the same exhibit and apply a transformation if needed (this is a whole other issue, don't know where to apply a scale factor anymore).  I copy a polygon from the CAD file, click paste, and it asks me where I want to paste it.  Easy stuff!  Now in Pro, I do the exact same process using both Paste or Paste Special and it gives me an error. 


I know I could use CAD tools and copy to the geodatabase, but do not want that.  Is there something I'm missing to copy/paste just the geometry from CAD files to a GIS feature class?