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Address Type Rank - What is the Precision Order?

Question asked by cps-mdm on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by vlwalgren

I've geocoded around 25K addresses and I'd like to sort them into 2 buckets, high vs low precision.  To me a high score is meaningless if it can only find it to the nearest postal centroid for instance. 


Currently I have ordered the address level results into the following numerical buckets.  My goal is to quickly highlight & bucket addresses ESRI isn't as confident in (ex: IF Address-level > 6 then low precision match).  As these represent customer addresses I felt (esp for L1) if ESRI can't get it to a street level I doubt we could even send anything to this address.  So essentially this is helping us see bad addresses quickly.


Is this the right order they should be in?  I wasn't sure if locality should be above postal, and I feel like POI could be higher.  What is the right stank rank order these should be in, I couldn't find a definitive listing.


I've also viewed the following topics on this as well:


Also it was confusing to figure out where to put this question, is this the right place for it?