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How to update existing features when building Survey123 against existing Feature Services

Question asked by siewwei.goh on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by siewwei.goh

The section in the blog suggest we can update existing features:

For this function to work, one will need to be able to display existing corresponding data when a feature is selected, however, I am unable to get this to work:


And if I submit a survey against this same asset, I end up creating a new feature with the same ASSETNUM. This is not updating existing feature.


I am unable to find information on how I need to design my XLS form built from an existing feature service so that it knows to draw information from existing features once the feature is selected.


Please advice how I can go about setting up this ability. Or at least let me know this is not possible so I can proceed to find alternative way to built my form.


Thank you