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Almost-Arctic Equidistant

Question asked by dkwiens Champion on Nov 29, 2017
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Here’s the situation: need to calculate distances from a central point to several destination points. The distances would often cross a UTM boundary (usually by a few hundred km). The Polar azimuthal equidistant projection is attractive, but apparently distorts near 60 degrees, which is also near the central point. I figured I could use a custom version of Polar azimuthal equidistant, centred at the central point. My confusion is that the distances calculated in the custom projection are much more similar to the UTM distances than the original Polar CRS. So, if I accept that the UTM distances are distorted, that would lead me to believe that the custom CRS distances are also distorted.


I suppose my main question is: how do I create a “good” equidistant projection, at about 60 degrees N?


Please help, Melita Kennedy