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Access to a resource not shared

Question asked by Alfonso_CLUS on Nov 30, 2017
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I'm trapped in a problem I need to figure out how to solve. I have have a layer that has to be blind for the users of an application I'm making with Web AppBuilder, however a widget must be allow to access that layer. Usually in AGOL apps the users have to have privileges to access to resources handled by the app. In my case I want that the users don't have dose privileges, and the app be the only way they can access the data. The layer is stored as a FeatureLayer in AGOL and to avoid accessibility it is not shared.


Is there any way to grant an app or better, an specific widget to access a resource that is not shared?

I tried to add the url of the rest service where the layer is hosted, the username and password of the owner's account in the proxy.config.json.


        <severUrl  url=""


and in the rules of the app's config.json

    "rules": [{
        "urlPrefix": "",


But it does not work.


Any suggestion?