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AGOL content migration - suggestion

Question asked by pan_gis on Nov 29, 2017



I am admin of a AGOL Org account.

I have a number of web maps and apps that were built on another Dev account and never moved into the organizational account.


This Dev account is registered on a personal email which is not mine. The account is added on a group of mine. I cannot add it on the org because we reached the max number of members. I have full access to the user's content and apps and I can make all the edit I want but I am thinking to move everything into our Organization.


I read about the ArcGIS online assistant and I am trying to learn how to use it. 

If I use it, I have one doubt: some customization were made on WAB DevEd. I am not really knowledgeable of it and I am afraid I could lose some functionality. And also, I am not really sure how to check it.

The content of the web maps (the REST links) are about to be changed so I am not afraid to lose services but only the customization.


I thought also to ask to change the email address related to the account. 


What do you think is the best move in this case?