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Suburb Locator Geometry Null with OnlineLocatorTask

Question asked by hkoatnswps on Nov 28, 2017


We have published a suburb locator (i.e. a locator that can find a suburb) with ArcGIS for Server 10.5. We want to consume this using the .NET Runtime SDK. The problem is when the results are returned, the geometry field is NULL, meaning I cannot draw the geometry on my map.


When I use the REST end-point of the the locator service, I can see the polygon rings get returned properly as a response:



But the code below, even though returns the right result, the geometry is NULL:



The same code works for another locator we have (which is an address locator). The code is below:


var findParams = new OnlineLocatorFindParameters(inputAddress); // e.g. "parramatta"
findParams.OutSpatialReference = MyMapView.SpatialReference;
findParams.SourceCountry = "AU";
//findParams.MaxLocations = 20;
var results = await _locator.FindAsync(findParams, new System.Threading.CancellationToken());

if (results != null && results.Count > 0)
foreach (LocatorFindResult matchedAddress in results)
// use the matchedAddress geometry and attribute to do something.

Any idea why the geometry is null?