Remote Sensing Applications Using Arcmap

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I will be teaching a graduate eLearning class starting January 2018 on Remote Sensing Applications Using Arcmap.

NRM641 Remote Sensing Applications Using ArcGIS
Spring 2018 3 credits


1) To use ArcGIS to explore changes in Alaska associated with climate warming in Alaska including greening of the arctic, browning of the boreal forest, mapping wildfire severity and hotspots, mapping shrinking lakes and coastal erosion, etc.

2) To learn basic image processing methods using ArcGIS including panchromatic and color image display, image fusion, image georeferencing, change detection methods, supervised and unsupervised classification, and accuracy assessment methods.

3) To learn about sensors especially applicable to vegetation applications in Alaska including color infrared aerial photography, LIDAR, IFSAR,Landsat, MODIS, and AVHRR sensors and data products..

I offer this course spring of even number years
(I teach the E-Learning grad class Python scripting in ArcGIS spring of odd number years)

email me if your interested: dlverbyla@alaska.edu


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Dave Verbyla
Professor of GIS/Remote Sensing
School of Natural Resources and Extension
University of Alaska Fairbanks