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Communicating with ArcGIS Pro from a 3rd party app

Question asked by alehmann on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by gismountains

Is there any way to communicate with ArcGIS Pro from another application? What I'm looking for is basically having a link in another application that either opens ArcGIS Pro with some parameters or talks to a running ArcGIS Pro instance. In ArcGIS Pro, an addin of ours would receive these parameters and (e. g.) zoom to a specific location or run a certain query. (Specifically, we're talking about a project management application where some projects are linked to certain locations / geo objects that we'd like to show in ArcGIS Pro for further analysis or custom workflows.)


As a workaround, we could define a shared folder where the other application could create a file with instructions and our addin (using FileSystemWatcher or similar) reacts to new files and handles whatever is neccessary. That seems a bit complicated, though. What would be nice would be some kind of URI scheme that's specific to ArcGIS Pro (something like file:/// or http://, maybe arcgis://).