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Encountered application error happens way too frequent

Question asked by williamw on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by williamw

I have been experiencing this way too frequent. Every time when I open a project file (double click on the aprx, or open the software first then select project file), the software always lead me to application error.



To get around this problem, I have tried thus far is to find an aprx that would open, then go back and try to open the one I try earlier within the same instance. It does always work. What work the best is to reboot my PC and launch the project soon after the PC comes online.


Any recommended workaround besides rebooting or searching for an existing aprx that works?


I am running Pro 2.0.1 on window 10 pro 64 bit OS with 4 core 32 GB of RAM. and 4 GB of video card (the latest driver)