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Problems with creation vtpk file in ArcGIS pro 2.0

Question asked by FerrariRace on Nov 28, 2017
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Hello GeoNet community! I've downloaded and started to use arcgis pro 2.0 free trial. First of all I wants to practice how to create my own vtpk file. I have red documentation and  saw video tutorial. My step by step issues during creating vtpk file are follows.

1) For creation vtpk file correct I have to generate vector tile index first.

There are some lines from esri's manual:

"Vector tiles can be created from any map or basemap in ArcGIS Pro, but there are some limitations and special considerations. The primary concern in making a map for vector tile creation is to build a valid and efficient map so that the resulting tiles draw quickly. 

There are some lines about poligons and other as well, I haven't  found step by step manual about "how to remove,  add or work" with them for creation vtpk from one of the basemaps.

When I set all needed fields and start creating vector tile index, then it shows me an error:

"001852: Layer type is not supported for vector tile packages.—Help | ArcGIS Desktop     

Turn off the visibility of unsupported layers in the map's Contents pane or remove them from the map."

In pro this represented by (Print3).

I haven't found that in Contents pane.What is right way for creation some area and creating vector tile index?



I have red this article as well and tried to do it like this,but it doesen't work!

Vector Tiles Part 1 - Creation — Esri UK 



 Also for creating procedure I have added tags for the map (Print2). And I have added tags into table for generating vetor tile index as well as shown in the article.


Please could anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong, is it possible to create it with free trial licence?