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MapImageService feature layers

Question asked by tristan.sebens on Nov 28, 2017

I have a MapImageService that defines many layers that I use for my map. The layers are arranged hierarchically, so some of the layers are group layers, which have no features, and some of the layers refer to feature layers that plot on the map. The map is 3D, and the features plotted on the map are 3D polylines.


The problem is that since the layers are a part of a MapImageService, they're created as MapImageLayers, and so are painted onto the map as images, instead of being rendered in 3D. Each layer has a corresponding UV renderer defined within the MapImageService, so if I create a feature layer from one of the feature service URLs, the renderer is created and the features from the service display in 3D.


My question is, is it possible to get a layer from a MapImageService to display in 3D somehow? I've tried creating the feature layers from urls, and then passing the subsequently constructed renderers to the MapImageLayers, but they're still 2D.