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Near tool returns 0

Question asked by DarrahPeklak on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I am using the Near tool to calculate the distance from each individual property parcel to the nearest water feature. I have a layer containing the water feature locations and a layer containing the property parcels. I use the property parcels as my input feature and the water feature layer as my near feature. I leave all other settings at their default. After running 2 additional columns are returned on the attribute table of my parcel data (as expected), however they are full of zeros. Most of these features are far away from water features and should return some value. If I try changing the input and near feature the correct values are returned. However, I am trying to find the distance of each house to the nearest water feature, not the distance of each water feature to the nearest house. I have done this analysis before in other locations and this issue has popped up before. Usually I just need to run the Near tool a second time and the correct numbers will fill the column, but no such luck today. Any and all input is appreciated.