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Old Historical Style Mapping Center

Question asked by dslamb on Nov 27, 2017

I'm trying to track down an old mapping style that was available through the mapping center. I'm not sure when the style was lost, but it was part of the ArcGIS resources section of the mapping center. I thought I could track it down, but the website has changed significantly and the links all redirect to an ArcGIS resource page. 


The wayback machine shows what it was like, but the download link doesn't work. It must not have archived the actual downloadable file. It seems to have disappeared betwe3n 2016 and 2017. Esri Mapping Center - ArcGIS Resources 


The presentation associated with the style is still available here: The blog also discusses it briefly here: The basic building blocks of ArcGIS symbols | ArcGIS Blog 


If anyone can point me in a direction to download it, I'd appreciate it.


Thanks in advance,