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Editing vertices shortcut

Question asked by Agri_olive on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by johns

Hello, I am currently mapping a large orchard from an aerial image, with the aim to have a polygon for every individual row (>16,000). To do this, I have created boundaries for each planted area (excluding headlands and roads between), created a fishnet grid over the top of that, aligned by hand and clipped the fishnet to the boundary polygon. I am currently going through and manually moving each vertex of the original boundary to ensure it is snapped to the fishnet grid, to get an even shape. this is where I am starting to struggle, as I have to zoom all the way in to move the vertex accurately, but for one polygon i'm zooming in and out using the mouse hundreds of times. 

Question: Is there a way, once zoomed in, to skip to the next point in the polygon using a keyboard shortcut or something similarly simple? 


Thanks for reading.