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How to add instructional starter page - Web App Builder or Storymaps

Question asked by NU_HGIS on Nov 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2017 by NU_HGIS

I have several interactive maps made with Web App Builder, which I've embedded into Storymaps. I'm hoping to include something like the initial pop-up in the link below (where the background is greyed and instructions are given for navigation, background information, explanations...)


NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive 



I know I could make a cascade storymap to explain navigation, and then embed that in a separate adjacent tab (tabbed storey map) before the interactive map, but I was hoping for something more streamlined. 


Does anyone know how I can approach this? Thank you 


(More information - I am hoping to embed this into 1. a web app builder-made interactive map, as well as 2. a Tour Storymap)