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How do I transfer attributes between features in Pro?

Question asked by HeatherW on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by HeatherW

In ArcGIS Desktop, you can use the Attribute Transfer tool on the Spatial Adjustment toolbar to transfer attributes between any type of features, line to point, polygon to point, line to line, etc. I don't see an equivalent tool in Pro. The only thing I found was a Transfer Attributes tool in the Conflation toolbox which only does line features, and it seems to be for auto-transfer by search distance rather than a manual choice of features.I use this tool for copying attributes from a road layer into an address point layer (name, aliases, etc.) and from polygon layers to the address point layer (ESN, parcel ID). It needs to be manual so I can pick the right source feature.


Is this something that is coming, or that I missed in my searching?