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Downloaded Survey crashes (iOS)

Question asked by vtanrgis on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by anrgisknox

I have successfully created a Forest Tent Caterpillar survey form that will help determine if defoliation will occur next growing season. The form has a series of calculations based on input from the user completing the form; there are 10 sample sites documenting new, old and unknown age egg masses. I'm able to fill out the form successfully and get all the metrics I want back from the Survey123 Connect and publish it. BUT...the downloaded form in iOS crashes after I start filling out the form. I tested on an Android and it didn't crash but most users are outfitted with iPhones already. I was hoping someone might review the excel workbook below and offer any suggestions. I've tried multiple  workarounds thinking it was some bug with my calcs but I'm still having the same problem crashing the app.


I believe I'm using the latest and greatest version necessary components. Thanks for weighing in!