Legend Woes

Discussion created by zebra67 on Nov 24, 2017
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Version 10.4.1.  Apologies from a Novice.   Many TIA.


I have two problems with my map legend. I can’t think of anything else to try to fix these. Attached image shows part of my table of contents & Legend as it appears on my map. Problem #1. The principal roads are in nice thick line in the ToC and on the map, but Legend shows a THIN black line.  Can I fix this so it’s thick line in the Legend – how?




Problem #2. The “boo” item under attack rates (white/transparent).  I can edit the word “boo”; but I don’t know where the italicised text “0.05% to 0.36% comes from.  I need rid of it.  Suggestions?  It’s not text in any attribute file I can find.


ps: does Edge normally not work with this forum?  Seized on me.