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Creating a way to force user to return to repeats if condition not met

Question asked by bweller on Nov 22, 2017
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I have a series of questions embedded within a repeat that need to answered but since it is a road survey, the user has requested that they just capture a few pieces of information and then go back later (when safe to do so) and fill in the remaining questions that are in the repeat section.


One idea that I am working on is to create a question ("Continue") that asks the user if they want to continue entering the remaining species data. If they select "Yes" the remaining fields within the repeat section become visible. If not, they can add a new record without filling in the rest of the fields in the form, but I am trying to figure out a way to force them to go back and complete these fields before submitting the survey.


I thought that maybe I could count the number of times "Continue" equaled "No" and if it was > 0, the survey would not be validated (i.e. submitted). I tried to create an integer field with the following in it's calculation field "count(${Continue}='no')" but it complains about that. Even if I could get this formula to work, I am not sure how to get the validate/submit check mark to trigger "invalid" if it was greater than 0.


Does anyone have some suggestions as to how to solve this issue?


Any while I am at it, I forgot how and where to put the date and time conditions so that it would not reset to current date/time as I scroll through past records. Where I have it in the current form resets it.


Using Beta version 2.5.10. Many thanks.