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ArcGIS for Server Administration Using Windows Authentication

Question asked by coloncm on Nov 22, 2017
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I have several Windows Server 2012 R2 running ArcGIS for Server 10.3.1 (AGS) servers which I have secured using DoD STIG requirements, one being the disabling of the services directory (as a recommendation). All AGS deployments use windows domain groups to authenticate users as publishers and administrators via co-located web adapters which all have administration enabled. I love these settings since there is no longer a need to use the "arcgis" account for these purposes. 


Because web development against running services are a mandate, it is frequently an occurrence that services directory be re-enabled temporarily for analysis. I keep getting a "HTTP 404 Not Found" when I try re-enabling the services directory from a client browser using the Format: HTML set on the page. Wen I return to the Edit Services Directory page, I noticed that the Services Directory Enabled setting did not change, and I've end up remoting to the targeted server and making that change there using the HTTPS port and 'arcgis' account authentication. Using port on a client browser is not allowed on the network.


For kicks, I once tried changing this setting from an client browser using the Format: JSON, and I got a {"status": "success"} return page. However, I am now unable to make any further changes to that AGS either on the server using the 'arcgis' account and port, or via a client browser using either Format value.


1. How do restore that AGS deployment so that it would work as normal, again? Luckly, the stuck setting is that of 'Disabled'.


2. Why am I unable to make setting changes form a client browser even though AGS recognises me as an administrator in the Windows domain?


Thanks in advanced.