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Why are ESRI tiles printed offset?

Question asked by calebD on Nov 22, 2017
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I have a map written by ArcGIS Server JavaScript within a div on a page with map layers from arcgisonline (World_Topo_Map and World_Imagery) and layers from our own map services, which are dynamic.  The map looks great on the screen.  When you print the page, the symbols, polylines, and polygons from our map services look exactly as the did on the screen, but the tile images from the the arcgisonline map services are scattered all over the page.  In the attachment, the div is in the upper right of the page and the graphics from our map services are within the div, but the ESRI tiles are not.  This happens in Firefox, Chrome, and IE.  WHY??


Is this a bug?  Do I need a separate print CSS to have the images located correctly and clipped to the div?

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