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Consistent element size when dragging items into groups

Question asked by kenbuja Champion on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by DianaBeasley9

I am adding many gauges to a dashboard (beta 0.8) to show the progress of the separate feature layers in the map. Each gauge sums up one of the field for an individual feature layer. I would like to make each gauge the same size, but the elements don't resize equally when dragging one to a column of existing elements. Here's an example:


I'd like to add a gauge for Layer 10 to the right column.


I create it, configure it, and drag it over.



However, the elements aren't resized equally.



Is there any way of automatically making them the same height instead of having to resize each one individually? Or have some tool like ArcMap's "Make Same Height" for the selected elements?


If I delete an element from a column, the remaining elements will be equally resized, so the code must exist to automatically size the elements.