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How does ArcMap decide which field is used for the display expression

Question asked by mkohlerpsl on Nov 21, 2017
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I have several csv files that are updated by an external organization on a nightly basis. The records from one csv file are used to geocode and create a point FC with python in a fGDB. I can add the csv and point FC to ArcMap and create a Relate in the Properties dialog of the feature class to each of the tables. The end users will then use the Identify tool to inspect features in their zones. When the relationships are expanded, they would like to see values from specific fields so if they want to drill down and see the related records, they can see what they want without having to click on every related record. Instead, they see useless information or sometimes, just a "-1".


I have told them about bringing the tables into ArcMap and setting the Display Expression in the table properties. This works in that MXD only. They want to have a .lyr file that they can drag and drop into a new MXD and see the pertinent info. I've tried creating the other tables in the fGDB and creating Relationships there but can not control what is shown in the identify window. 


These are crime analysts and this is part of their morning routine. Doing their task quickly and efficiently is key. Any ideas?

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