V100.1: m_sceneView->screenToLocation causes crash

Discussion created by norbert.thoden on Nov 21, 2017
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Is Update 2 already "code freezed"?

It would be very nice if ESRI could take this problem into account:


I am able to reproduce a segmentation fault if a SceneGraphicsView is destroyed

(and screenToLocation where performed before).


The basemap (crash should be reproducable using the topographic.tpk) is loaded and then:
- i resize the window and therefore the size of the scene widget ( i increase/decrease the width)
- move the scene using the mouse and release the button while moving
- destroy the scene (press 'create/destroy') while the scene is still moving
-> crash -> you got it -> verify call stack
-> create the scene again (press 'create/destroy')
  start at the beginning

Based on my experience i need not more than 10 attempts to reproduce the crash.



Or you can simply use the second example "BasicSceneView_crashOnResizeDestroy_2017-11-21_automatic.tgz"
(Run and after several seconds....segFault)



I already opened an official case "Esri Case #02020238 - [BOS] segmentation fault on destruction",

and i will add the BUG number if available (hopefully only in a few days)


(I add the same example to reproduce the issue as attached to the case.)


Thanks in advance!