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Use Vector Tile Package (.vtpk) in Runtime Scene

Question asked by use2b311 on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by use2b311

Howdy folks! I have been asked to create an app that can run offline for emergency services. I initially went to Vector Tiles packaged as a basemap and rendered in a .NET Runtime app. The rendering was adequate and performance was more than amazing. Then I got crazy and started looking into using a scene so I could show a driver a view of what they are driving toward like other standard navigation software. This led to my problem: I cannot get the vector tiles to display in a scene. I have used a Mobile Map Package just to see if I am looking at the right spot on the globe and have verified that the .mmpk shows up fine but the same .vtpk that works in a 2D map does not show in a 3D scene.


I'd love any tidbits of info you may have. I cannot include my .vtpk because it is not my data to give out. But it is in WGS84 and is made from the same map as the .mmpk.