VRP - Modifiable Fixed Cost

Discussion created by stevy3 on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by nan-esristaff
Hi Everyone,

In solving a routing problem, there is a fixed cost for each store included on a route.  For example, if in solving the VRP, a route has 4 stores, I would need to have a fixed cost of $800 ($200/store).  The fixed cost needs to change depending on the number of stores that are assigned to a route. 

My question relates to whether I can have the VRP solve a problem where the fixed costs can be modified depending on the number of stores on a route (to a max of 8 stores/ route).  If this is possible, how might I go about doing it?  Can I use a variable within the Fixed cost part of the routes?

Any help would be appreciated,