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'Unfolding' polygons and other feature classes in an 'Antarctica-like' fashion in ArcGIS 10.4

Question asked by MaikS_1 on Nov 16, 2017

Is there a way in ArcGIS to 'unfold' (reshape/modify) feature classes, e.g. a polygon of a circular city, to make them look similar to a Mercator or plate carrée projection of Antarctica, i.e. opened out into a strip at the bottom of a map? Distortions away from the feature of interest are fine.


This is my specific example:

I have a polygon of an almost circular city and other feature classes showing transport links into the city's periphery. Rather than producing a map with the empty polygon of the city in the centre of the map, I would like to unfold the city's polygon and turn it into a strip at the bottom of the map with all the other feature classes extending upwards from this strip. I want the city and its periphery to look similar to how Antarctica is displayed on maps with a Mercator or plate carrée projection.

This question is not about changing the projection of a data file.