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LERC MRF share as REST/ Imagery service?

Question asked by mravichandran on Nov 14, 2017
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dear Readers,


using Optimize Rasters function from ESRI, LiDAR img files were converted to LiDAR LERC/MRF format.  our objective was to test, adopt, and streamline the use of LERC/MRF files to take advantage of the inherent benefits of using LERC/MRF files over traditional img files (to begin with LiDAR and then adopt the methods for other formats).


1.  Using default settings of Img --> LERC conversion options for elevation/LiDAR we had generated  MRF files for the desired areas.  we found 26 to 27% savings in disk space - 10 TB to 7.2..


2. Original image files were used to build a raster catalog as a first step towards to publish it.  to start with we had used a single LiDAR collection folder (all collections were arranged by the month and year) - Mar2013 to built a raster catalog.  A 600+ GB LiDAR of imagery when added to a catalog was only 60+ GB. 


Issue at hand:

Q1. How to share LERC/MRF files as a service from an ArcGIS server primarily as a background?


Q2. Downloading LiDAR IMG  or LERC files might secondary objective from these services.


is Any step by step guide to 'publish' MRF data  available?


thanks and regards