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OAuth Basic sample unexpected behaviour

Question asked by sit_aimag on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by sit_aimag

Hi everyone,


I am testing the Oauth Basic sample trying to understand how the authorization process works, but I am experiencing a strange (at least for me) behaviour.


- If I am not logged in Portal:

I can sign-in and sign-out and I can see the item gallery, so everything seems fine. But if, when I am signed-in, I open the Portal home page, I am still not logged in. I thought that the credentials given in the sample OAuth form were also valid for Portal. Am I wrong?


- If I am logged in Portal:

The sample shows me the item gallery without any authentication as expected, but if I try to press the "sign-out" link the page refresh, but I am still signed-in. It seems that the esriId.destroyCredentials() function fails.


Can someone try this sample to see if I am the only one to experience this behaviour?

Or, at least, can someone explain to me why is this happening?