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Help on Process for Editing SDE Data through Portal

Question asked by jwhitener on Nov 14, 2017

I have an SDE database setup in SQL Server registered and published to an ArcGIS Server instance and referenced in a Non-federated ArcGIS Portal web map which is used in a Portal Web App.


The Server Account has DBO for the database.


I added the Feature Access layer of the service to the Map and it is editable. When I make changes, the changes are reflected on the map immediately. However, after a redraw, either zooming in and out or reloading the page, all edits are reverted to the database status. The edits will simply not commit.


I will note that the data is definitely linked, as changes to the database through ArcGIS Desktop or SQL are immediately reflected.


I've tried edits through the app and through the Map Viewer, both have same result. Is there something I am missing here, it seems like I've covered my bases. 


The portal service account does not have permissions to the database.