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Project Raster error 000151 on Landsat images

Question asked by pynn_USCSSI on Nov 14, 2017
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I have been trying to project Landsat imagery to Albers Conical Equal Area and I keep getting error 000151 geotransformation is not valid. Also, if I try to run the tool again any attempt to select a geotransformation results in a blank field and I need to restart the program or try a new file to get the option to work again.


I originally tried this with an NDVI I created with the raster calculator but have retried it with the original band images, band images from a separate Landsat file, and a composite image with all bands. I have also tried using a new blank map in case there was a glitch in the one I was using and tried projecting to a different coordinate system and neither worked. I have left the geographic transformation unselected, used WGS1984_ITRF00)_TO_NAD_1983 and WGS1984_ITRF00)_TO_NAD_1983_HARN + NAD_1983_TO_HARN_CA_S. Also, I tried creating a mosaic dataset with the Albers Conical Equal Area projection but ran into the bug error 8004205f.


I am trying to get the imagery into a projected system that I can use for fine scale area comparison so I am not set on Albers Conical Equal Area if I can get another one to work that is applicable to the state of California.....


I am using ArcMap 10.5.1 on Windows 10......


Any help would be appreciated.