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HELP!! I'm going downhill (very slowly apparently...)

Question asked by baughmansa on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I need a solution as soon as possible, and any help would be appreciated. I am an archaeologist as well as a GIS Tech for a small engineering firm. I have been tasked with using the slope tool (in the spatial analyst toolbox) to find the slope in a project area to see what areas we can write off that have a slope of 15% or higher. I reviewed the process, found an elevation raster for the area, and went to work. However, whenever I go to use percent rise, it is giving me inaccurate slope percentages. It is saying the area has 5% or less of a slope, which I can say for a fact is not true. The area is along PA I-80, so it has a lot of cut banks and high sloped hills. HOWEVER, whenever I have to tool create a raster using degrees, it makes sense. Are there any suggestions as to what I may have been doing wrong with the percentage?  Am I reading the numbers wrong? Not sure how many people on here have had a lot of experience with this tool and I am hoping it will save me a lot of hours at work wasted in trying to find my own fix.