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Modify the "noFeatureText" in Shortlist Story Map

Question asked by kmsmikrud on Nov 14, 2017



I found in the index.html the class="noFeatureText" but I'm wondering where is the actual text located within the code. I have a story map for a management area and then the idea for performance is to have another Story Map for each management area. I've have polygons that show up in the Story Map that have a popup with the url link to that story map but I thought since folks also see "No places are in this area. Zoom out or click on the Home button to see places." it might be nice to modify to have it say or click on the polygon (to see that story map).


I'm not sure if that makes sense but I've attached a screenshot that hopefully shows what I would like to alter. It would be better if you could configure it like a popup text but I don't think that's possible.


thanks in advance for any information,