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AutoCAD BPOLY results in negative area in ArcGIS

Question asked by on Nov 14, 2017
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Using the ArcGIS for AutoCAD tool:


ArcGIS is interpreting a negative area (wrong ring ordering) when I synchronize a shape I have made from AutoCAD using BPOLY. I make a hard angled polygon in AutoCAD (meaning no smooth arcs). Then, I create a circle at one of the corners. After expanding the circle, I use the BPOLY command in AutoCAD to get a new shape. The new shape created then is synchronized to my enterprise GDB and has a negative area. I have tried using the REVERSE command, exploding and rejoining, and a various few different things in AutoCAD to fix the drawing order to try and correct the issue. However, the only consistent solution I have found is for me to go into ArcGIS and export the feature(s) from the enterprise GDB, repair geometry, and replace the feature(s) altogether. Since the BPOLY command will continue to be used in this manner, is there a way I can fix this from AutoCAD? 


Thank you in advance.