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How can I extract just polygons from a file geodatabase

Question asked by GisMapGirl on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by rvburton

I have a file geodatabase with over 200 feature classes. I want to extract all the feature classes (including those in feature datasets) that are polygons and save/append them to a separate shapefile. Also, is there anyway to put the filename of the each of the feature classes in a field name called "Label"? For instance, if one of the files that is getting copied to the polygon shapefile is called "FredsPlace", when that gets appended to the shapefile, its label field is filled in with its name "FredsPlace".


Is there a tool in ArcGIS 10.5 that already does this or am I going to have to write a python script to do this? If so, what approach would you recommend I take to accomplish this.


Many thanks in advance.