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Why can't I enable Production Mapping? solved

Question asked by DartonGreist on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by DartonGreist

I'm trying to authorize Production Mapping for ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 with a 30day Evaluation code in order to try out the straight line diagram tool. I've also successfully installed and authorized workflow manager.


I downloaded and installed:




In ArcGIS administrator, I can see that I have production mapping installed on the available extensions page and the extensions window in ArcMap but cannot see it on the authorization wizard. Additionally, I can open all of the Production Mapping toolbars so I know it is installed properly.


So I have a few questions,


1) Is it possible to simply enable Production Mapping just through ArcGIS administrator in order to use the SLD tool or do I need to do something first with Workflow Manager?


2) This says I need to run the Workflow Manager postinstallation in order to use the Production Mapping custom steps. Do I need to do this to use the straight line diagram tool?


3) I've actually tried to run the postinstallation but can't get the Workflow Manager Administrator to connect to the database. When I do, it tells me the database does not contain the required schema even though I used the "Create Workflow Database" tool to make it. Additionally, if I try to run the "Upgrade Workflow Database" tool it says I don't have privileges to create tables despite my having full system admin privileges. Have I missed a step here?