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"How to use the Rodeo IDE with ArcGIS Pro" in a correct way? How to deal with temoprary files [while multiple runs]??? 

Question asked by Rebecca.Ri on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2017 by Rebecca.Ri

Hey folks,

I am new here and I've got a desperately(!!!) question.


I use the ArcGIS Pro trail and need to run an external python-script, I write by my own (off course I use the spatial analyst tools, because I don't know how to do it somehow else... but that's okay for now).
To do that I followed this instruction, which tells you "How to use the Rodeo IDE with ArcGIS Pro" -->


Now the Problem. Every time I run the script, rodeo saves my (indeed temporary) layer somewhere and doesn't delete it after it finished running the script. I need to run my script part by part to debug it. But every time I have to close rodeo and delete the temporary files. Otherwise it gives the error message "Dataset time_layer already exists"...
This takes forever!


Is there any solution to this problem? Can I somehow tell it to overwrite those layers, like I can do in ArcGIS properties?

I am a very beginner in this stuff :( And I really need to do this.

I would be really very grateful for your help!



PS.: please also tell me whether the location of my question is fine or not.