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How do I get data from ArcGIS desktop onto the Explorer App?

Question asked by mappergirl3130 on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by mbockenhauer-esristaff

Good day,

I need someone to explain this to me fairly thoroughly. How do I get either entire maps (created in ArcMap on my computer) or shapefiles onto the ArcGIS Explorer app for IOS?

Do I need a special subscription? Do I need to save my map as something special? Do I need to share my data on a server? How do I access the data from the app?

What is the step by step process to get my data onto the app?

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to find a concrete answer from the ESRI help sites.

I have a ArcGIS Basic Licence.