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Why does my .mmpk not display when I open in Explorer App?

Question asked by jot_hall on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by jot_hall

I've built a .mmpk for use as an offline resource.  My issue is when I open the .mmpk on an ipad the map does not initially display.  When I zoom in on the map or use the find my location button that zooms me into my location the map will then display.  Once zoomed in I can scroll through the map and it is quick to refresh and everything works fine, but if I zoom too far out the map will stop displaying again.  I have a handful feature layers in the .mmpk; multiple county polygons, building polygons,  pipe, hydrants, valves and address points. I'm wondering if its just too much to display at the full extent of the .mmpk? Ideally my map displays at the extent I built it when I open in the Explorer app. This should be possible, right? I know when I create and .mmpk with only one feature layer, the map will display the full extent of that feature layer when I open in Explorer. Why won't my .mmpk initially display when I open in explorer when the .mmpk as multiple feature layers?