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unable to open basemaps and layers

Question asked by cblackeagle on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by cblackeagle

I can no longer access basemaps in ArcGIS Online, either in a new map or an existing map I previously created before the problem started.  I get these error messages.

  • Basemap is not available.  Displaying the default basemap instead.
  • Unable to open map. Basemap is not available....  Displaying default basemap instead.

In either case, it will not open my map.

I am also having trouble accessing layers I find through Search for Layer in ArcGIS Online.  I get this error message:  "Unable to establish a secure connection to the layer.  The layer, <layer name>, cannot be added to the map."  This is for multiple layers in the search results.

This is ONLY happening for me with Google Chrome on my desktop computer.  I can access all content through Internet Edge on my desktop, through Google Chrome and Internet Edge on my laptop, and through Google Chrome on my office computer.

I searched GeoNet and found that users were having similar problems last year and tried what was being suggested.  I am still having the same problems.  Since I teach classes that depend on my students use of ArcGIS Online and I need to create content for them, this is a MAJOR problem for me.

Though I am an administrator for my department account, I am not (and will not be) an authorized caller for my university and its site license, and so Esri Tech Support cannot help me.  Can someone please help me?