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Finding distances with large sets of data?

Question asked by cquistor on Nov 9, 2017

So, I've asked a lot of questions regarding one map I've been working on for a very long time. I've decided to go ahead and put everything in detail in one question format, with hopes that I will *finally* be able to finish this map.


The goal of the map is to be able to calculate the distances from different types of green space to over 1000 different parcels in ten different counties. These parcels were sent from the counties, and each have a corresponding ID in order to see the value on the house. Once the distances are calculated from each parcel to NEAREST wetland, local park, federal land, agriculture land, greenway, forest, etc. we can then begin the hedonic analysis.


So, I have a map now with both raster and vector data. I have the parcels layers for each of the ten different counties. I have a local layer, a federal layer, a layer with just NPS land, a layer with TDEC (tennessee department of environmental conservation) lands, a State forest land layer, an agriculture layer, a wetlands layer, a developed open layer, a conservation easement layer, etc.


My vector layers are all the layers that I received NOT from the National Landcover Database (NLCD 2011). The layers I did receive from NLCD are: shrub/scrub, Wetlands, woody wetlands, emergent wetlands, cultivated crop, hay/pasture, agriculture, mixed forests, evergreen forests, deciduous forests, Forests total.


I need to be able to find the distance from each parcel in every county to the closest edge of each of these layers. This would be calculating a distance from a point to a raster. I also need to find the distances from the parcels to the vector layers. I'm assuming this would be a different tool? 


After trying to convert the raster data to polygon, I realized only after using the "Generate Near Table" tool that this would not work because all the distances from the (originally) raster data ended up being 'zero'. This was because when I converted the raster layer to polygon, it ended up taking over the entire map. So, if I had converted my Agriculture layer to polygon, it ended up making the entire map 'agriculture'.


Please let me know if you need any clarification. I really need some help finishing out this map!Not sure if this helps anyway, but here's a picture of the map with one county's parcels showing.