2D Focal Mechanisms generation with ArcMap

Discussion created by omervsarikaya on Jan 20, 2011
Dear ESRI software developers,

In an earlier posted thread I provided a link to a open sourced ArcObjects VBA code for generation of 2d focal mechanisms in ArcMap. Unfortunately he generated focal mechanism objects are temporary on the screen and cannot be exported to pdf or as a feature class. Could somebody help in developing such tool so that the generated objects can either be generated as graphics that can be exported to pdf or stored as feature classes. Such a tool would be very useful for Geologists around the world. GMT provides the necessary tools to do this, but I would prefer ArcMap because of its flexibility. There is a solution from Alexander Gray, but it would useful and nice if a software developer could implement this solution in the code :) . Thank you in advance.

The earlier posted link is:

Omer Sarikaya
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